25 Easy Street Food Recipes To Make at Home (2024)

Craving your favorite street food, but there’s no food truck in sight? Don’t stress! With these fantastic street food recipes, you can just whip it up at home.

Street food may be sold in humble pushcarts and kiosks, but they never disappoint. In fact, they serve some of the best, most addictive dishes on earth!

25 Easy Street Food Recipes To Make at Home (1)


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Have you ever tried a cheesy Korean corn dog? How about sweet and peanutty Malaysian satay?

Try these sensational street food recipes and broaden your culinary horizons.

There’s a (food) truckload of recipes to cover, so let’s get started.

1. Authentic Carne Asada + Street Tacos

It may take a while to make authentic carne asada – what with the hours of marinating and all – but it’s well worth the wait.

Believe me, once you’ve tried these street tacos, your Taco Tuesday will never be the same again.

2. Oven-Baked Sloppy Joe Dogs

I’ve always believed that sloppy joe’s and hotdogs should stick together. These two dishes create the ultimate comfort food when combined!

And when you add a layer of gooey melted cheese on top? Let’s just say you’ll be in heaven.

The chances of getting meat sauce and cheese all over your hands, face, and shirt are high, but who cares? They’re worth the mess.

3. Homemade Funnel Cake

I’ve really missed going to the State fair these last couple of years. But one bite out of this funnel cake, and it’s like you’re right there!

This strange-looking yet beautiful golden brown cake is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Sprinkled with powdered sugar, its flavor is very simple but highly addictive.

4. Grilled Mexican Street Corn (Elote)

You can’t go wrong with perfectly grilled corn on the cob. Even on its own, it’s divine.

So just imagine how much more delectable this Mexican street corn is.


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It’s grilled corn at the base and topped with sour cream, cotija cheese, chili powder, cilantro, and lime juice.

The combination of ingredients creates playful colors, flavors, and textures. It’s the kind of street food you’ll crave again and again.

5. Street Corn Nachos

To me, Mexican street corn is pure perfection. But I also know some people don’t like eating the kernels off the cob.

If you’re one of those people, make these street corn nachos instead!

The idea is simple – shower nacho chips with corn kernels and other classic Elote toppings.

This snack is a lot easier to eat than the one above, but you still get all the same great flavors, just with an added bonus of crunchy nacho chips.

6. Snow Cones with Homemade Fruit Syrup

Snow cones are yet another nostalgic fair food, and yes, you can easily make them at home.

Think about it – snow cones are just shaved ice covered with sweet liquid. It’s so basic, but somehow, they taste like heaven.

All you’ll need for this recipe is a ton of ice, and a bunch of juice concentrates. You can make these any day!

7. Korean Street Toast

Consider yourself lucky if there’s a Korea Town close to where you live.

If you’re not so lucky, it’s not the end of the world. You can always make this delicious Korean street toast at home.

Filled with a grilled egg omelet, vegetables, and cheese, it’s crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.

Plus, it’s buttery and salty with a hint of sweetness.

So, in other words, it’s a beautiful harmony of tastes and textures.

8. Korean Corn Dog

If you haven’t tried a Korean corn dog yet, you are in for a treat!Seriously, I’m so excited for you to taste this.

Just like a traditional corn dog, the Korean version has some type of hotdog or sausage at its center.

Sometimes, the hotdog is also accompanied by a string of mozzarella – because Koreans are awesome like that.

But, instead of being coated in cornmeal batter, the hotdog/cheese combo is covered with yeasted butter, panko bread crumbs, and get this, bits of French fries.

Yeah, you’re gonna wanna run to the kitchen!

9. Spicy Pulled Pork Nachos

These are like classic pulled pork nachos, but with a fiery twice.

The pork meat is cooked in sugar, soy sauce, rice vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, lime juice, garlic, onions, and pepper.

Can’t you just taste it already?

Pour the pulled pork on nachos and finish it off with pico de gallo, avocado crema, and lots of grated cheese.

That’s what I call a Mexican masterpiece.

10. Easy Samosa

Samosas are an outrageously addictive Indian dish of dough filled with curry-flavored potatoes and peas.

The pastry is deep-fried until golden brown, giving a crispy outer crust to the savory filling.

This recipe makes things a lot simpler using storebought spring roll wrappers.

Life doesn’t have to be complicated, right? And you can make these any time of the day in under 30 minutes.

11. Grilled Hamburger Sliders

These juicy little burgers are the perfect bite-sized summer treats!

While I love giant burgers, I also won’t say no to their mini counterparts. There’s just something so adorable about them.

Plus, even though they’re small, you know they’ve got big flavors.

12. Mini Chicken Chimichangas

These heavenly chimichangas are filled with a creamy chicken and cheese filling and finished with your favorite Mexican toppings.

Between the delectable filling, crunchy tortillas, and colorful toppings, it’s hard to decide what you love the most.

13. Grilled Chicken Street Tacos

Here’s another taco recipe that’s a definite must-try.

Chicken thighs are marinated in a vibrant mix of ancho chili, cumin, pepper, cilantro, garlic, and lime juice and grilled to perfection.

I’m telling you, chicken has never tasted this good!

Garnish these chicken tacos with your favorites – cheese, avocado slices, cilantro, chopped onions, sour cream – the more toppings, the merrier!

14. Pretzel Bites with Cheddar Sauce

These pretzel bites are phenomenal. There’s just no other way to describe them.

Crisp, tender, doughy, and with a subtle mix of sweet and salty, they’re surprisingly delicious even on their own.

But that doesn’t mean you should skip the cheddar sauce. The salty and creamy dip is what makes this snack a show-stopper.

15. Steamed Dumplings

I know the thought of a steaming something doesn’t scream excitement. But that’s not the case when you’re talking about these dumplings.

If you’re a fan of these Asian treasures, I highly recommend learning to make them from scratch – dough included.

Don’t worry; this recipe has you covered with detailed, step-by-step instructions. I suggest making a lot so you can freeze some for later.

16. Filipino BBQ Pork Skewers

While American BBQ is usually associated with pulled pork, ribs, and brisket, Filipino BBQ is a little different.

In the Philippines, when you ask for BBQ, you’ll get skewers threaded with bite-sized pork glistening in a sweet and smoky glaze.

Enjoy Filipino BBQ on its own, but it’s even better when dipped in vinegar and chili sauce and served with rice.

17. Banh Mi

Put down the chicken salad because banh mi is the ultimate Vietnamese sandwich!

It’s a toasted baguette filled with lemongrass-flavored grilled pork, mayo, daikon (radish), cilantro, and pickled carrots.

While the pork is definitely the star of the show, what makes it epic is the complex combination of lemongrass, pickled vegetables, and creamy mayo.

18. Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

Caesar salad + chicken burrito = heavenly wraps.

Street food isn’t usually associated with healthy dishes, but these wraps absolutely are.

I love the idea of turning a salad into a wrap. It makes it a lot more filling while still keeping it wholesome.

19. Buffalo Chicken Wings

Every home cook should have a recipe for buffalo wings in their back pocket. Don’t have one yet? This one is highly recommended!

These wings have unbelievably crunchy and crispy skins. The insides are not just incredibly tender and juicy but also packed with flavor.

You’ll definitely taste the classic buffalo flavors in every bite.

20. Malaysian Chicken Satay

Does the thought of peanut sauce in a savory dish weird you out? It shouldn’t!

Trust me; peanut sauce makes everything better. Just take chicken satay, for example.

Sure, these skewers taste good as is – flavored with curry, turmeric, and sugar and charred to perfection, they can very much hold their own.

But once you drizzle that sweet, salty, creamy, and nutty sauce all over it? It’s game over.

The flavor combinations will make your taste buds go wild!

21. Shrimp Po Boys

Po boy, short for “poor boy,” is a classic Louisiana sandwich made with French bread and fried fish.

This recipe elevates the traditional sammie using cajun fried shrimp instead of fish.

Also, the creamy sauce that goes along with it is just to die for!

It’s mayo mustard, relish, lemon juice, hot sauce, and Cajun seasoning together in one.

22. Classic Onion Pakoda | Crispy Onion Fritters

Pakodas are another Indian staple that’ll give your taste buds an explosion of flavors.

They’re sweet onions covered in gram flour batter and deep-fried until golden.

Crunchy on the outside, tender on the inside, and with strings of sweet onions in every bite, these guys are like onion rings on steroids.

23. Pork Ramen Stir Fry

This pork ramen stir fry is just as delicious as it is colorful.

Instant ramen noodles are taken to the next level with ground pork, a medley of vegetables, and a salty and umami-rich sauce.

Seasoned with sriracha, this stir fry has a little bit of heat to it, but not so much that it’ll scare away the kids (and you can always leave it out).

24. Thai Coconut Ice Cream Sundae

Looking for a new dessert that’ll help you keep cool in the summer heat? The search is over.

This ice cream uses coconut milk as its base, making it crazy creamy and refreshing.

Then, palm sugar and pandan leaf are infused to complement the coconut flavor, giving you an extremely luscious tropical treat.

Serve the ice cream on top of a fluffy bun or over sticky mango rice.

25. Homemade Fishballs

Fishballs are another skewered street food snack from the Philippines that you just have to try.

A visit to this beautiful country isn’t complete without tasting these addictive deep-fried balls dipped in sweet sauce.

No need to book a plane ticket, though! You can enjoy these balls at home, and this simple recipe is much cheaper than airfare.

25 Easy Street Food Recipes To Make at Home (2)

25 Easy Street Foods To Make at Home

Make these fantastic street food recipes at home when you’re craving something from your favorite stall or food truck but don’t want to leave the house.


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25 Easy Street Food Recipes To Make at Home (3)

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25 Easy Street Food Recipes To Make at Home (2024)


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